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What kind of cookie are you?  Take the Cookie Quiz!  Find out if you're a black and white or most like an oatmeal cookie.



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Have a few minutes?  Want to know if you're more like an oatmeal cookie or a black and white cookie?  Take the cookie quiz!  Have a little fun today!


cookie pops

Cookie Pops!  An easy, delicious treat anytime!


oatmeal cookie recipeOatmeal cookies are a great treat for the kids when headed to the pool this summer.  They provide energy as well as a sweet dessert for the kids after playing!

chocolate chip cookie recipe

Our chocolate chip cookie recipe has been updated with step by step pictures to help during the baking process.  I hope you like the new format!  Happy Baking!

We have posted a chocolate no bake cookie recipe for you to enjoy.  Use this cookie recipe when you want some fun cooking time with the kids.

peanut butter cookie recipe

Our peanut butter cookie recipe now has step by step pictures.  These are great treats for your kids as after school treats.  You can even try our no bake peanut butter cookie recipe if you're short on baking time!


About Cookies . . .

Americans call them cookies, and the English call them biscuits.  The Spanish call them galletas.  The Germans call them kels.  No matter what they are called, cookies are a favorite snack food everywhere, and there is definitely not a shortage of wonderful cookie recipes.  This site features a few tried and true classic cookie recipes that our family really enjoys.

People enjoy eating cookies, some even on a daily basis, but have you ever wondered just who came up with the first cookie recipe?  The first cookies in history were nothing more than miniature cakes used to test oven temperatures before the baker cooked the final cake.  These miniature cakes were called "koekje" which means little cookie in Dutch.  As time went by "koekje" morphed into the word we recognize today as cookie. 

Early cookies were known as tea cakes to Americans since some of them were derived from the English tea cakes.  Our shortbread cookies clearly resemble the Scottish shortbreads of early history.  It makes no difference where they came from, but rest assured every country has a favorite cookie recipe of its very own.  For Americans and Canadians, the cookie recipe of choice is Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Be sure and try all of the easy cookie recipes listed on this site.  They add a little bit of fun to our every day lives, and they are very yummy cookie recipes!  Our no bake cookies are the ultimate easy cookie recipe.

Read more about the history of cookies and learn how these tasty little treats were transformed from early tiny cakes into the cookies of today!

The 4th of July is quickly approaching so be prepared with our July 4th holiday cookies.  Give the recipes a try early so you'll know what to expect!  You'll also have a treat now!


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Find out new ways to share your delicious treats with friends and family.

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National Chocolate Chip Day

Learn a few new ways to enjoy this May 15th holiday by reading our article all about National Chocolate Chip Day!