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Baking cookies is a lot different than baking other desserts and treats.  For example, baking cupcakes requires different pans and cooking times.


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Christmas Cookie Time Is Here!

It's almost that time of year again!  The holiday season and the vast assortments of cookies and cookie recipes are fast approaching, and I can't wait!  I am looking forward to trying several new recipes this Christmas in addition to my old holiday and Christmas favorites of chocolate chip and easy sugar cookies.

This year both of my children are old enough to help decorate our Christmas cookies, and I am soooo excited!

My Christmas Cookie Plan

We are going to make reindeer, Santas, and lots of Christmas trees along with some plain round cookies to decorate as Christmas ornaments.  My goal is to not eat quite as many cookies this year as I did last year *big laugh*.  I even have a plan for getting the treats out of my house.

First, I figure that all of the kids in my children's classes would love to have a few cookies each to nibble on after school one day.  I will use Christmas cellophane bags to package the cookies and some curling ribbon to finish off the Christmas treat bags.

My husband's co-workers also enjoy my Christmas baking frenzy every year.  One thing I have learned over the past few years is that cutting my Christmas bar cookies into bite sized pieces makes them much easier to munch on at your desk (less mess too). 

Cut 1 inch square pieces of several kinds of bar cookies, and include 3 - 4 pieces of each kind in holiday treat bags for the entire office.  If you're supplying cookies for an office holiday party, still cut them small and provide enough bite sized pieces for each person to have between 6 and 8 cookies.

I do hope your holiday planning and baking are going great.  Just remember, Christmas is a time for enjoying family and friends so remember what it's all about when you get a little stressed.  It's ok if your Christmas treats don't get baked until after Christmas.  Just SMILE!  It's a great time of the year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!