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Cookie Pops

Recently I was spending time with my newly found addiction, PInterest, and have made quite a few deductions.  First, people are always trying to do thing better than before.  It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it can make you feel inadequate in the baking, fashion and home decorating capacities. 

At the same time, the experience made me think back to a simpler time in my life.  When I was young, my grandmother was everything on Pinterest and then some.  Her amazing cookies, cakes and pies were only overshadowed by her immaculate housekeeping abilities coupled with her perfect hair.  I loved her so much and I love her still!  She has since passed away, but I hold my fond memories near and dear to my heart.

cookie pops

During the holidays, my grandmother would make white chocolate covered oreos, and the entire family loved them!  With all of the progress made in cookie making of late, our cookies can be a bit over the top so sometimes it's good to get back to basics.  Here's how to go back to a simpler time and make a tried and true favorite.

Oreo Cookie Pop Recipe Ingredients

• Oreos or Trader Joe's Joe-joes
• Candy melts, you can get these in different colors)
• Lollipop sticks, if desired
• wax paper

 Oreo Cookie Pop Directions

Insert lollipop sticks into Oreos.

cookie pops

Melt candy melts according to package directions.  If the candy is too thick, you can add a little Crisco shortening or vegetable oil to think it a bit.  Please note that if you overheat the candy, it will become too thick to work with also.  In this case, you should throw away the candy coating and start again.

cookie pop with coating

If you have lollipop sticks in the cookies, use them as a handle for dipping the cookie pops into the melted candy coating.  Place on wax paper to harden.  While the candy coating is still soft, you can add sprinkles, chocolate shavings, or other decorations.