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A cookbook is a collection of recipes and often times will contain information on measurements, origin of the food, and pictures. There are many different types of cookbooks, ranging from desserts, to dinners, to general food recipes. Cookbooks also vary in their complicity, and while some contain recipes that are easy for people learning to cook, others contain complicated recipes that are more suited for very knowledgeable, skilled bakers. Whether you are looking to try out a chocolate chip cookie recipe, or are trying to bake a cake, there are many different cookbooks available. The following are some of the best baking and dessert cookbooks available.

Betty Crocker's Cooky Book (Betty Crocker) is a classic recipe book first published in 1963 that contains 450 cookie recipes as well as pictures and how-to sketches, and a huge section devoted to holiday cookie recipes.

The Great American Cookie Cookbook (Publications International) is a recipe book containing more than 180 pages full of classic cookie recipes, pictures, helpful hints, and interesting cookie facts.

Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and To Share (Martha Stewart) is a collection of 175 different cookie recipes which are organized by texture such as light and delicate, or chunky and nutty. The book is also full of helpful tips on baking techniques, decorating, and storage.

Favorite Brand Name Cookie Collection (Publications International) is a collection of dessert recipes using brand name ingredients such as Hershey's, Jif, and Karo.

The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook (Jennifer Appel, Allysa Torey) is a collection of classic, retro desserts by Appel and Torey, the owners of the famous Magnolia Bakery located in New York City and known for their delicious desserts.

The Cake Bible (Rose Levy Barenbaum) is a book that explains the science preheating ovens, melting chocolate, and much more, as well as a large collection of recipes for cakes, even intricate wedding cakes. Each recipe also contains nutrition information.

Pillsbury Best of The Bake Off Cookbook (Pillsbury Company) is a collection of almost 400 recipes from America's most well known cooking contest, The Pillsbury Bake Off. The book contains recipes from the past 40 years worth of competitions.

Art of Chocolate (Elaine Gonzalez) is a great beginners guide to working with chocolate that contains many recipes, along with techniques, tips, and easy-to-follow instructions for items such as truffles, torts, and even chocolate sculptures.

The Modern Baker (Nick Malgieri) is a collection of over 150 simple step-by-step recipes and includes breads, pies, cakes, tarts, and cookies. The book also has detailed descriptions of how doughs and batters should appear at each step of the recipe.

1001 Chocolate Treats (Gregg R. Gillespie) is a collection of chocolate recipes including cookies, pudding, sauce, drinks, pies, cakes, and more. Each recipe includes a full color picture.

Dessert Express (Lauren Chattman) is a collection of 100 dessert recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less. Recipes include items such as cobblers, parfaits, and even dessert pizzas.

Bakewise: The Hows and Whys of Successful Baking With Over 200 Recipes (Shirley O. Corriher) has a large collection of recipes, and solves the mysteries of baking such as why cakes and muffins are sometimes dry, and why cookies crumble.

The Pie and Pastry Bible (Rose Levy Barenbaum) is a cookbook with hundreds of pie and pastry recipes, and contains in-depth information on how to make the perfect pie crust, and why the most important part of any pastry is the crust.

Gordon Ramsay's Just Desserts (Gordon Ramsay) is an innovative collection of desserts by chef Gordon Ramsey, including items such as Fruit Tempura, Bread and Butter Pudding, and Chocolate Mocha Tarts.

Baking With Julia (Dorie Greenspan) is a collection of recipes from over 26 top chefs and is based on the television cooking program featuring Julia Child.

Betty Crocker Best of Baking (Betty Crocker) is a collection of over 350 of America's favorite recipes including breads, muffins, cookies, baking for kids, holiday baking, and much more.

Pillsbury Best Cookies Cookbook (Pillsbury Company) features 175 of the best recipes for brownies, bars, and cookies, and contains helpful tips, ingredient information, and recipe variations.

The Cake Mix Doctor (Anne Byrn) is a book of more than 175 recipes that include the use of boxed cake mixes, with other ingredients added to make them taste more like a made from scratch dessert.

Sweet Serendipity: Delightful Desserts and Devilish Dish (Stephen Bruce) is a cookbook written by one of the co-founders of the famous Serendipity 3, a well known ice cream parlor in Manhattan, NY. The book includes recipes for some of the restaurant's most famous desserts, such as Frozen Hot Chocolate, and contains gossip about many of the celebrities that have been served at the restaurant.

The Big Book of Diabetic Desserts (ADA) is a recipe book published by the American Diabetes Association, and is filled with delicious desserts made with artificial sweeteners, and low calories so they are safe for diabetics.

The Diabetic Dessert Cookbook (Coleen Howard) is a collection of over 100 recipes safe for diabetics that are made with artificial sweeteners, and sugar substitutes, and the book is written by a nutritionist.