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Breakfast Recipes

Difficulty: Easy

  • Easy Kid’s Recipes – lots of recipes for kids to make or help out with; pancakes, waffles, granola, and bars.
  • Mr. Breakfast – thousands of recipes for breakfast; just type “easy breakfast” in the search box and items like pizza, cobbler, shakes, and pie are displayed—all with the perfect breakfast touch. You might even find a breakfast cookie recipe on this list.
  • Breakfast & Brunch – this site has not only recipes that are quick, easy, and use common ingredients on hand, but its focus is on spending time with family and eating, not slaving in the kitchen. Helpful links include how-to’s, substitutions, measurement conversions, and more. The recipes all have pictures and are categorized by topic and ease of preparation.
  • All Recipes – this breakfast search includes over 200 recipes graded “easy.” Kid-friendly titles abound in breakfast nachos, burgers, burritos, and healthy finds like watermelon salad, pumpkin oatmeal, and millet muffins.
  • Breakfast Cooks – has the standard fare recipes in quiches, sticky buns, breads, and rolls, but casserole dishes are the mainstay. Over 100 variations of the breakfast casserole recipes can be found.
  • Fitness Buff – offers important information on health and the value of breakfast. No more chocolate chip cookie recipes, this site has seven of the quickest, easiest healthy breakfasts available. Just be sure to have the ingredients on hand.
  • Delish Recipes – has a top 10 list of healthy, quick-to-prepare breakfast ideas. This site allows for storing your favorite ones in your online recipe book, printing, and even offering your review on ones you try.
  • Eating Well – is the magazine’s website where healthy breakfast recipes abound. There are additional resources in news articles, tips, other breakfast ideas for variations on the standard breakfast fare, and the recipes are categorized under sweet, savory, side dishes, beverages, and salads.
  • Whole Health Foods – has a user-friendly format that incorporates options not found elsewhere. Recipes are easy and require less than 30 minutes prep time. Simply input ingredients you want, list any allergies, and you’ll get the recipe assistant to produce a custom breakfast recipe.
  • Life Hack – as the name suggests, this site focuses on tips, tricks, and hacks to get around obstacles and make things simple. Their list of 100 healthy recipes offers some standard breakfast fare and some with added flair.

Difficulty: Medium

  • CD Kitchen – this site rates recipes by difficulty. Those with a range of 4-7 are considered advanced. Breakfast recipes include everything from biscuits and gravy to blintzes, cakes, and hash.
  • Copy Kat Recipes – is known for its food chain and restaurant recipes that mimic the original. The breakfast selection offers many items not considered breakfast food; an offering of recipes for the breakfast food cynic.
  • Recipezaar – this website offers multicultural cuisine, including breakfast. Filtering can be done by ingredient, nutrition, and category. Find Swedish, French, German, and other recipes on items such as pancakes, kringles, bear claws, healthy oatmeal, and more.
  • Atomic Gourmet – offers French cuisine for breakfast. Very different from other breakfast foods, recipes include Country Terrine (loaf of pork or beef liver with brandy), Grillades (veal or beef, slow-cooked) served with cheese grits, and crepes.
  • Epicurious – lends itself to unusual gourmet recipes. Over 900 breakfast recipes include healthy continental dishes like matzo brie with tomatoes and salsa, wheat germ scones with dried fruit and nuts, and strawberry citrus salad. Not the usual breakfast fare.
  • Homeschool Breakfast Recipes – has many tried and true breakfast recipes for moms at home with children all day. Adults and kids will love the strawberry stuffed French toast, breakfast Navajo tacos, and overnight oatmeal, which must be a cookie recipe.

Difficulty: Hard

  • A View of America – this website is mostly American breakfast recipes, but has gathered recipes from all over the world to be included. Most are difficult level, such as Welsh Rabbit, but others could be classified as medium difficulty.
  • Indian Recipes – this selection of recipes includes some unique items such as Dosa (thin, lacy pancakes made of rice flour), and there are links to the various regional cuisines all over India.
  • Flery Manor Gourmet – this elite bed and breakfast lays out their fabulous morning offerings with recipes for Black Russian breakfast cake, peach yogurt scones, crème brulée oatmeal, and much more.
  • E-Gourmet – has selected authentic recipes from around the world. Cuisine includes Scottish scones, kale and potato hash, and creamy wheat berry porridge.

Other Resources:

  • Diabetes Link – for those with diabetes, special recipes are required for breakfast. This site offers that and much more. Over 400 healthy breakfast recipes are offered with nutritional guides and ingredient search engine to advise on its use in cooking for the diabetic.
  • Kids With Food Allergies – this organization offers recipes and recipe-sharing between members. A sampling of their breakfast recipes includes oatmeal fruit breakfast bars and pumpkin muffins with pumpkin seed streusel. There are also gluten- free flour mix recipes.
  • Vegan Breakfast Recipes – this website offers some surprises in their “bacon,” potato and onion frittata, “eggs” benedict, and cornmeal and ham griddle cakes. Hundreds of recipes, a food guide, and cooking tips make this the central resource for vegans.
  • Cooking Allergy-Free – this site offers free registration and the ability to sort recipes by category and allergies. Creating your profile gives you access to the recipes, discussion boards, create your own cookbook, and other valuable allergy facts and cooking tips.
  • Organic Breakfast Recipes – offers visitors recipes, cooking and shopping tips, brand names of organic products, and news articles. A free newsletter is available also.