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Cake decorating is a fun task that anyone can do. Many courses are provided through local colleges on cake decorating, but you don't have to enroll in those courses to learn how to decorate cakes like a professional. The best thing about cake decorating tips and tricks is that many of them translate over well to many different cookie recipes too.

Unusual Cake Decorating Ideas

  • Learn to make edible wafer paper butterflies that look just like real life.

  • Family Fun offers several different cake and cupcake recipes and ideas for decorating.

  • American Cake Decorating Magazine is an excellent resource for those looking for cake decorating ideas and advice on technique.

  • Cake Central is a community for those who want to learn more about cake decorating, or those who want to share their expertise. The Royal Icing Tiara is a cute idea for a little girls birthday and only one of the ideas you can find on this website.

Cake Decorating Tips and Tricks

  • Instead of an icing bag, use a standard sandwich bag with the corner cut off. It will save you money and give you the same effect. When filling it with icing, stand the bag up in a plastic cup to keep it sturdy and make the job a bit easier.

  • Decorate the cake on a plate with a piece of wax paper covering the plate to protect it as you decorate. This will keep your serving platter looking nice as you decorate the cake. When the cake is finished, you can remove the wax paper.

  • Brush crumbs off the cake and spread a thin layer of icing on it to prepare it for the remaining icing and decoration.

  • Paste food coloring creates the most vivid color for cake icings. Use a toothpick to add color to your icing gradually.

  • Let the cake rest for 15 minutes after icing before decorating. This will create an easier environment to work with.

  • Do not let the spreader touch the top of the cake as you ice, so crumbs don't get in the frosting.

Making Your Own Icing

Making your own icing doesn't have to be hard. Many people prefer to buy the icing along with the cake mix, though making the icing from scratch is generally cheaper, tastier and works well for sugar cookie recipes and gingerbread cookie recipes too.

  • Food Network has a quality Royal Icing recipe courtesy of Alton Brown.

  • CD Kitchen offers a wide assortment of cake and icing recipes for you to try.

  • All Recipes provides a variety of icing recipes.

Cake Decorating Resources

Something most people realize is that while some techniques require special tools, there are many different cake decorating tricks that can be done using commonly kitchen items that you already have on hand.