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Carbohydrates are found in everything from white bread to the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe. The idea of carbs has been hotly debated recently as more and more people switched to a diet that reduced carbohydrates or eliminated them completely from their diet. In actuality though, these items are fine in moderation. Studies have even shown that some people need them to survive.

Those who lead a highly active lifestyle need a certain amount of carbohydrates in their daily diet. Whether they get those from cookie recipes they make at home or by eating foods rich in carbohydrates is up to them. The body burns a lot of calories and fat from extreme or intense physical activity. Those leading this type of life need carbohydrates simply to keep their weight up and at a regular level.

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  • Nutrition Fact Sheet : provides basic information on the types of nutrients found in carbohydrates.
  • Carbohydrates : discusses carbohydrates in relation to the nutrition athletes need on a daily basis.

Carbohydrate Biochemistry

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Other Misc. Carb. Resources

While carbohydrates are found in many foods, it’s sometimes difficult to learn more about them. The typical sugar cookie recipe doesn’t reveal the amount of carbohydrates found in them. Learning more about the topic helps those who want to find out how many are found in their recipes. It also helps them lead a healthy lifestyle without giving up carbohydrates completely.

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