Vegetarian Recipes

As with any cuisine or diet, the same old meals can begin to grow tiresome. As the old adage goes “variety is the spice of life”. This can apply to vegetarianism as well. In order to rev up your meals, it’s important to think outside the recipe box. While it’s nice to have tried and true standbys to rely upon almost as comfort food, it’s also a good thing to experiment with new, exotic recipes from time to time. This is the best way to discover what may become a new favorite, like: Aloo Phujia, Kachumbari, or Shawrbat 'Adas Maa Sh'ireeya.

To spice things up in your veggie kitchen look to the following resources for more great recipes and ideas:

Vegetarianism encompasses much more than just a diet absent of animal products. It is truly a lifestyle choice that embraces health, nutrition, and a compassion for other living things. The variety of foods and delicious dishes available to you is only limited by your imagination, as there are vegetarian dishes to be found in most every cuisine the world over.