When it comes to baking, sugar plays a significant role. Any baker knows that but it isn’t a complex idea. However, sugar itself is complex for it consists of fructose and sucrose. There are those who believe that one is of higher quality than the other but a lot of people do agree that they all have the same quality. Everyone is well aware that sugar is a sweetener.

But what people don’t know is that, it can be used as a preservative, add volume, color and tenderness.

The Magic of Sugar

To give you an example, when sugar is creamed with butter, this creates air bubbles in the butter. What happen is, the leavening agent is expanding air bubbles. The reaction then causes the “rise” when baking. This further improves the volume of baked goods. Sugar also has hygroscopic properties. In other words, it draws moisture from batter ingredients.

In addition to that, the amount of gluten is reduced to which it delivers a softer and tender result. Apart from that, less gluten additionally means that there’s greater volume as the baked good rises more. Because of the reason that sugar is absorbing and drawing moisture in, it is prolonging the life of baked goods.

Any type of liquid sugar holds the most moisture and it stays fresh longer compared to other ingredients that were used.