Chocolate mint is as minty and chocolatey as it sounds. It can be baked in cakes, be added in mojitos or simply use them to decorate your recipe. You will not regret buying this herb from local farmers market. However, if you are seeking for true organic mints, then you may consider planting them instead in your backyard.

To do that, here are few tips that you can take into account.

Tip number 1. Look for an Ideal Location

It would be easier to grow chocolate mint when it’s in a cool temperature. Yes it needs sun but not too much of it. Look for sweet spots to grow your chocolate mint.

As much as possible, go for locations that receives enough sunlight for hours but remains shady for the rest of the day.

Tip number 2. Tend it Often

The great thing about chocolate mint is the fact that it does not need too much fuss. It’s like soil; it has to be properly moist. Watering your chocolate mint on a regular basis is a must to keep it healthy. Also, your plant is likely to survive couple of dry spells but do not abuse it. It’s not invincible to withering.