It is seldom to see kids who do not play around in the kitchen and drag pans and pots out of the cabinets and drawers. Generally, they see these as percussion instruments and practicing by banging it.

But what most parents don’t know is that, kids beyond the toddler stage can learn cooking basics.

There are plenty of cookie recipes that are easy to prepare, salads as well as sandwiches that will open up their interests in cooking.

Keep them Involved

Well, one of the best ways of getting kids to show interests in the kitchen is getting their help to make something that they love to eat. And what other better way of doing this than starting with cookies? As soon as they begin to learn how imperative this is in making their favorite snacks, it is more likely that them being a headache in kitchen, will be your next partner when preparing tasty stuff.

Let their Creativity Flow

Among the things that every kid loves to indulge themselves is decorating the cookies. There is no need to wait for holidays to have this done. Even on a rainy day, you can mix sugar cookies and bring out the cookie cutters. For the little and delicate hands of your kids, there are silicone and plastic cutters that do not have the sharp edges that is common on its metal cutter counterpart.