Cookies are described as small, flat cake cookies. They’re most loved snack.

Believe it or not, it’s been around for hundreds of yours.

Initially, cookies had just one major purpose in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, bakers are using them in testing the oven by means of baking cake batter in small amounts prior to baking the cake as a whole.

From there on, these “small cakes” evolved and now, it is what as we know as cookies. These days, there are plenty of cookie stores that are selling cookies over the web to cater customers.

The Founders

Keith and Ruth Wakefield owned a Toll House Inn back in 1930s. The travelers as well as their horses were all welcome to board in the inn to take rest and eat the prepared meals by Ruth for guests. Most of the time, she makes cookies to snack and dine on.

Butter Drop Do cookies were actually a big hit at that time. As she’s making cookies, she has decided to put chunks of Nestle semi-sweet chocolate bar to batter. She assumed that these chunks will melt after the cookies were baked.

It was All an Accident

But what happened was the chunks softened and still kept its original form. Thus, chocolate chip cookies were invented.