A big number of food varieties in the market today have become possible due to food technology. Believe it or not, food industry is among the biggest manufacturing industry in United States. Food technology is actually a branch of science dealing with food production.

The People behind the Foods We Enjoy

Scientists who are working in such industry are getting foods consumed by the public from growers then dropped by at stores and ensuring the success in each step of the process. There are also food scientists who work to prepare seeds packaging, working in labs, fields, factories and anywhere else they are needed.

Understanding Food Science

Food science is basically a field in which most of the significant work is done. Experts are working diligently in enhancing the food’s nutritional value in a number of ways.

The end goal is to benefit the general public or the consumers.

Part of the scientist’s job is to enhance the methods and steps of manufacturing which include:

  • Storage
  • Preservation and;
  • Product development

It’s a General Term

Food technology is the umbrella for every single aspect there is in food science such as growth, production, cultivation, distribution as well as food processing.