If you are not a big fan of eating oatmeal, then let me serve the honor of changing the perception. First and foremost, oats are great in lowering cholesterol level while stabilizing your blood sugar as well. The reason for this is that, oats do contain fiber both insoluble and soluble. The latter is a viscous gel helping in lowering cholesterol and also, stabilizing blood glucose levels.

Then, there’s the insoluble fiber which helps soluble fiber to move through the body more smoothly. It does improve intestinal health and curbing constipation as well.

Good as Advertised

Aside from that, oats can be used in protecting your colon and heart. There are wide varieties of antioxidants that are otherwise known as avenanthramides. Whether you believe it or not, they can be found only in oats!

Exclusively on Oats

Avenanthramides have been studied to have anti-itching and anti-inflammatory activity and might offer another layer of protection against conditions and diseases like:

  • Skin irritation
  • Colon cancer and;
  • Coronary heart disease

Apart from that, they play a significant role in regulating the blood pressure of the person. Besides, who doesn’t want a hearty and easy-to-prepare breakfast? Only oats have the power of providing such.