If you are just like others, chocolate isn’t just a luxury, it is a part of life. Oftentimes, this is deemed as the 5th food group. In fact, chocolate-inspired among the most passionate and romantic love affairs. While its taste is sure to send you to cloud 9, people’s fascination to chocolates from the time of its discovery have unearthed that it comes with various benefits too.

You Didn’t Know That

For instance, one little known fact about chocolates is that, they’re being used as aphrodisiac. This serves as natural cure for heating up intimacy between couples.

In comparison to other crops, pods of delicate cacao trees are handpicked.


This makes the entire process of chocolate making laborious. Pods are then opened one at a time and the pulp-covered seeds are being extracted.

The Deliberate Process of Manufacturing Chocolate

As a way of reducing bitterness, the cacao seeds are being fermented for days and then it’s dried. And at this stage, the farmers are selling sacks and sacks of cacao seeds to private companies in which industrial machineries and equipment are taking over. Once it reaches factory, large machines are roasting the seeds in order to release the unique aroma and taste of chocolates as we know.

Roasted seeds are cracked up to get the nib which is grounded into chocolate liquor. This produces a thick liquid that is then manipulated in creating various types of chocolates.