Do you consider yourself as a true confectioner of peanut butter? Without a doubt, everyone easily fall in love with this breakfast spread. It could be used in tons of ways that you could imagine.

Not just that you could eat it on itself or put it on toast, it can also make some homemade peanut butter cookies.

Thing is, the mass produced version of the cookies have additives containing sugar, preservatives or oils.

It never Hurts to have an Open Mind

While peanuts are the only thing needed to make peanut butter, there’s couple of tricks and tips that can turn these nuts into a smooth and creamy spread. It will all start with the peanuts you have chosen. For instance, it will be preferable to make use of homemade roasted nuts than raw. These roasted nuts are releasing oil better. Thus, the spread becomes easier to spread on your toast, has deeper flavor and smoother.

Just a Tip

It will be smart of you to keep some of the skins. The reason for this is that, skin is adding deeper and fuller nut flavor. Furthermore, it brings that natural light brown color to the spread. On the other hand, keeping all the skin from the batch of roasted peanuts might make the process difficult on your end especially if you are not used to it.