There are a lot of people who claim that they have cooking skill but not in baking. This is because of the reason that baking is a science. It may even look confusing or foreign and has its jargons. As you read this article, you are going to learn about the vital terminologies used in baking which you can use as reference in decoding recipes you are making.

Ready for Baking Dictionary?

Bake – cooked with radiant heat in dry oven.

Batter – the mixture of dairy, eggs, flour or any other ingredients that’s liquid enough to be poured.

Beat – stirring rapidly to incorporate air. This could be achieved using a whisk, spoon, food processor or electric mixer.

Blend – stirring ingredients until the time that they are thoroughly mixed.

Caramelize – heating sugar substance until the time comes that it turns brown.

Cream – this is when you beat together the butter and sugar until a creamy and light texture and color is achieved. Doing this method is adding air to your batter. This is crucial as it helps in leavening process. There are cases in which eggs are added as well throughout the step.

Glaze – this is when you coat something with sugar-based, thick sauce.