Baking as a Form of Stress Reliever

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We all know that eating is always fun. But do know that while eating up huge chunk of holiday meals can make you happy, baking may actually help you relieve stress and make you happier more than just eating because baking gives you the feeling of satisfaction. So maybe now is the best time to get out of those usual ritual during holidays and start preparing for a cookie baking marathon to give as gifts to your loved ones. If you get a feeling of excitement while reading this, then you are feeling luckier because there are a lot of different creative ways to bake goods in They provide you not only artsy ways of cooking and baking but also list of popular beauty products, gadgets and other stuff.

According to a professional baker John L. Haber of Show Cookies from Habey’s Kitchen, he agrees that baking can be a way to de-stress. Haber creates, aside from other things, amazing bespoke cookies for a lot of Broadway shows. He says that although his baking can involve the stress of deadlines and large quantities of cookies and sweet goods, he does find creating a new cookie to be a stress reliever and form of relaxation. He adds that “for the normal person, baking is a wonderful activity to relieve anxiety and tension. Doing something creative, working with your hands, and focusing on the activity keeps your mind off other things that might be distracting or bothering you. It stimulates all the senses.”

I hope that you agree with what Haber stated above. There are a lot of evidence that cooking, specifically baking can provide therapeutic experience. Not only that, it can also make you be creative. In addition to that, you can also involve your family as a form of bonding and quality time. You will never know, maybe one of your family members is creative enough to come up with a unique idea. And if you can see that you can form a good team, then you may want to consider teaming up for a business.

Basically there are a lot of different ways to de-stress. One of which is cooking which can boost your creativity and be a form of family bonding.