Comfort Food Comforts

Have you ever had a day where you just want that creamy, tasty, dairy flavor to ease your pain? A lot of us have a specific taste when it comes to food and how we want our food, more so we have specific wants on when we eat these types of food to either relieve hunger or to plainly relieve stress.

Yes, you read it right! Food does relieve stress, alongside other emotions or mental turmoil you may be having at the time. But, to get this right and make it work as good as it can be, you need to know that comfort food does exist and that they are a wide range of food from savory to dairy, like ones seen on Bulgarian yogurt from Serdika. Choosing the right plate of goodness to treat your palette is the best thing you can do right now for yourself.

Treat That Palette

Sometimes that good full meal is not exactly what we need or better yet want after a very strenuous day, dinner and its sultry flavor are not always what’s in on a tough day. But, there is no exact food to be categorized under comfort foods. It’s basically the discretion of a person, when he gets to have that first bite, and how it lingers to the core and makes you feel so relaxed and happy in a snap. Its the food you eat when you have that menstrual cramp and the pain just won’t go away, or if you had that bad week and everything just doesn’t make sense altogether, there is where comfort food really becomes labeled as one.

To start the long list off, peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be the easiest and most accessible comfort food there can be. Since most of secretly love peanut butter, this is the best time to actually admit that and indulge in its creamy or nutty texture with that jelly you oh so love. Well, next in our list is something we can do as fast as making that PB and J sandwich, its the good old classic spaghetti meatballs. Whether or not you want to go extra or just the simple recipe that your mother taught you, this one will surely give you a nostalgic feel and can really relax those nerves. Lastly, the divine comfort food that can definitely give the comfort to everyone or anyone is obviously, ice cream; sweetness, creaminess, that now comes in a wide range of flavors, whether it is freezing cold or not, ice cream is everybody’s go-to.