Flower Bouquet and Baked Cookies to Impress Your Loved Ones

Getting a bouquet of flowers from your trusted 花店 and preparing your very own baked cookies is something that will leave your loved ones surprised. For the flowers, you have nothing to worry about it since it can be bought from your trusted florist. For the baked goods on the other hand, you may want to give it a personal touch by baking them your own.

Your Baking Equipment

To get started in baking your cookies, there are few things that must be taken into account and these are going to be the following:

Cookie Scoop

If you will invest in a baking tool, then you definitely don’t want to forego the cookie scoop. These scoops play the perfect role when you want to have those perfectly portioned cookies. Consider using small to medium-sized scoops for favorites such as oatmeal or peanut butter cookies.

Mixing Bowls

See to it that there are enough bowls in preparing your cookie dough. Also, make sure that they are made from stainless steel. If there are lids, then much better as it makes it simpler to cover and chill the dough prior to baking.

Cooking Sheet and Cooling Rack

Some of the large cookie sheets are extremely useful to have in your kitchen, particularly with regards to baking big batches of cookies. They may seem to be not important but it makes a huge difference in every batch you make.


Be sure that the cookies you are preparing are lump-free with a sifter. One with a 3-cup capacity makes it so easy to create big batch cookie recipes.

Silicone Baking Mats

If you want to achieve evenly baked cookies, then don’t forget to use silicone baking mats.

These mats are nonstick and perfect substitutes as well for parchment paper. This is true especially if you are searching for items that can be reused in your baking routine.

Cookie Cookbook

To further expand your knowledge in cookie making, then make it a point that you get yourself a cookie cookbook. It will show you the steps and ingredients and tips as well to make delicious cookies.