Grilling Tips For The Best BBQ

Nice weather and something delicious to eat from the grill – an ideal combination. Usually classics such as sausages and meat come on the rust, but also fish or vegetables can be prepared great and quite easy on charcoal.

So prepare your grillers. For grillers that need some fixing, prepare your power tools too (read about DeWalt Impact Driver Comparison).

The best grill recipes

It doesn’t always have to be sausages. Vegetables, fish and seafood, spicy marinated meat or even pizza can also be prepared on the grill.

Fish grilling with basket, wrap and incense board

Steak and bratwurst are the barbecue classics. But also fish can be transformed into a delicious summer meal on the grill.

Tips for charcoal and lighting

Real charcoal or prefer briquettes, grill lighter liquid or solid? When grilling, the agony of choice begins with heating up. And how environmentally friendly is charcoal?

You will need dependable grill tongs

Even with the most beautiful grill and the best meat, there is no fun when grilling, if a good pliers are missing.

The fun of grilling includes not only a grill and charcoal, which heats up neatly, but also a good tongs. It must be packed safely, but must not damage sausages, steaks and vegetables when turning.

Dont go for the cheapest tongs. It has little stability. Larger grilled goods such as the grilled tomato and sausages should sit firmly in the pliers. However, turning shrimps and mushrooms becomes a problem.

The tongs is a special case among the grill towes.

A special feature is Napoleon’s most expensive product: on one side pliers, on the other side wender. With the pliers, you can only lift the grilled goods by pushing the changer under the burger or, for example, the asparagus.

Your choice of tongs should be able to hold small or large grilled goods. It should have everything firmly under control without crushing the food.