The Food and Music Connection

There are millions of active Spotify monthly listeners since the music and audio streaming platform provides users an extensive collection music genre, music artists, podcast as well as other audio content that would suit the mood or meet the needs of the listener. Furthermore, music has already become a part of the everyday lives of many individuals as an instant connection is sparked.

The Food and Music Connection

Another thing in life that people have an immediate connection with is food. Our connection with food and the feelings and emotions it could awaken carries on in our daily life. In both occasions we realize that we lean more towards particular foods as well as on specific music styles, however that initial yearning to delight in eating and listening is clear and evident from the time we took our very first lungful of fresh air.

Over time, we discover that particular music style or genre support and complement certain cooking styles. Also, particular dishes creates a sense of genuine attachment to that particular music. Music and food complement and have an effect on each other, they become inspirations to the chef and cooks as well as the music artist, and include the consumer.

Music Complements Food as Food Complements Music

Chefs and cooks are obligated to cook as music artists are bound to compose music, sing songs and/or play musical instruments. This is a piece of their mental, physiological, emotional, as well as spiritual self. This commonality which is shared with other artists is incredibly evident as a channel for relating and associating with each another.

Excellent cooking without music is in some way incomplete, in the same way music is incomplete without the opportunity to share and take pleasure in excellent food.

The style and manner of cooking as well as the restaurants you dine in would influence the kind of music you relate to and the other way around.  For instance, in fine dining, there shouldn’t be room for any slip-ups, no excuse and reasons to stray from the recognized fine dining standards, wherein food is prepared, cooked and plated the way it’s supposed to be. This is very much true to classical music as well. Classical music are brilliantly created, hence the conductor and the orchestra expends hours and days rehearsing to ensure every musical note and score are flawlessly executed and no drifting away how it is supposed to be played. Although there is disagreement on how they are interpreted, both classical music and food share the commonality of seeking out perfection making them a perfect match.