The Perfect Preparation for Breakfast in Bed

Everyone is up for some dressed to kill late night out with friends or loved ones. But nothing is more intimate than waking up together the next morning, lounging in your pajamas all day and treating your sweetheart to a sumptuous and unforgettable breakfast in your adjustable bed.

The Late Nights or the Early Mornings?

Spending a fresh and cozy morning under the sheets with hearty meal and hot coffee is a perfect representation of showing your affection. At the same time, this is a great way to reconnect with your loved ones and talk anything about life.

To help you plan the perfect setting and atmosphere, let me give you couple of tips on how it can be executed.

Tip number 1. Keep it Simple Silly (KISS)

Pick a dish that does not necessarily demand full morning to prepare. Remember who you are doing it for and stick with a kind of breakfast they prefer. If it is something savory, then you may try something like a simple breakfast sandwich or if they are into sweets, then try some Raspberry Basil French Toast w/ Ricotta.

Tip number 2. Save the Sheets

Have you heard of the phrase…

“I would not kick you out of bed for eating crackers?”

No one knows if the same thing is true for spilling drinks in bed. In this regard, select a meal that does not require any cutlery, isn’t fussy to consume and does not leave any crumbs in your sheets or covers. After all, the last thing that you want is getting out of bed on your mid-breakfast simply because egg yolks drizzle on your cover.

Tip number 3. Do not Forget about the Drinks

We may be scared of spillage caution but it does not mean that your breakfast in bed does not deserve anything better. While the entire coffee or carafe is a must, spoiling your sweetheart with low ball glass of juice partnered with bit of champagne will go a long way and make her/him appreciate all the efforts exerted.

Don’t make your breakfast complicated. These simple tips can help you big time in making a wonderful and lovely morning.