Things To Remember When Using Pesticides In Your Kitchen

The Kitchen is perhaps the most important space in the home. It is where we store and prepare food. Thus, we should always keep our kitchen clean and free of pests.

It is every home’s desire to be pest-free. Let’s learn the safe ways to exterminate pests safely without compromising the health of people in the home and businesses.  Learning and following these suggestions can keep us away from harm.  Read more on شركة مكافحة حشرات بجدة

Try to hinder the breeding of pests before we use any harmful chemicals. Here are some ways to prevent them from multiplying:

  • Remove trash regularly.
  • We can also prevent the breeding of pests by repairing leaky plumbing to prevent the accumulation of water. Stagnant water allows mosquitoes to breed.
  • We should also make sure not to have any clutter in our homes. This will attract pests and it will become a place for them to breed. They can also make this their hiding place.
  • Avoid stacking old newspapers, books, and magazines. Cockroaches and other pests love to breed in them.
  • Seal any cracks and openings around baseboards and cabinets.

If it is necessary to use insecticides and other chemicals follow these important reminders:

  • Always read the label and read the instructions carefully.
  • We should practice proper disposal of all leftover chemicals and containers.
  • We should always keep these chemicals away from children and house pets when applied
  • Use only indoor chemicals when exterminating pests inside your home and establishment. Remember to use outdoor chemicals outside only. Always use pesticides approved for use.
  • Never conclude that twice as much is good.
  • Never transfer these chemicals to other containers
  • When using these chemicals inside your home or establishment, remember to clear away sources of food and water. Make sure to keep any food sealed in plastic or a container with a cover.
  • It is advisable to use ready to use chemicals versus mixing them yourselves.

Other Methods to control pests:

It is also nice to consider using baits to help eradicate some pests. This is the traditional way of exterminating some kinds of pests. They are much safer to use and lowers the risk of us being exposed to harmful chemicals. Remember when we use this method, we should always keep them away from our children and pets.

Some may also consider using the fogging method. It is advisable to use this method only when necessary.