What Food to Eat Based on Your Number

Many people believe that numerology has an impact on one’s destiny. But do you think it affects the nutrition your body requires? It could be because numerology significantly impacts your personality, skills, and interpersonal relationships. After all, it is true that you are what you eat.

The advice is no different from what we would typically receive from a regular doctor. The only thing that makes numerology food advice different from standard food advice is that it tells you to eat foods that match your path number. Find out what food to eat based on your number at 1919 Angel Number.

Number one 

Because this digit is ruled by the sun, the life-giving plant, the food associated with it is typically yellow or orange. Among the fruits are the orange, banana, yellow capsicum, lemon, carrot, sunflower seeds, mango, corn, pumpkin, grapefruit, squash, peaches, and apricots. Some spices include ginger, bay, cloves, saffron, nutmeg, honey, and chamomile. These foods are best consumed raw or lightly cooked.

Number two

People with path number 2 should drink plenty of water and eat liquid foods. Consume cucumbers, watermelon, muskmelon, lemons, apples, asparagus, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, pineapple, radish, and strawberries if you follow this advice. Grapes, coconut, almond, endive, rapeseed oil, flax, and fennel are options.

Number three 

If your path number is 3, you should eat purple-colored foods berries, beans, cherries, rhubarb fugs, olives, eggplant, and red grapefruits. Mint, nutmeg, and sage are all good nuts to consume. However, eat spicy and intensely flavored foods and balanced meals.

Number four

Protein such as beans, pulses, puy lentils, and sesame seeds is recommended for these people. In addition to protein, they should consume as much iron as possible by eating beef, pork, broccoli, tofu, shellfish, and pumpkin seeds. Simply put, they must eat smoked food because it’s good for their health.

Number five

People with path number 5 should consume herbs such as mint, parsley, tarragon, and coriander in any form, according to the diet chart. Oats, wheat, mushrooms, corn, millet, rye, and buckwheat are excellent wholegrain options.

Number six

Beans, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, pear, apricot, apples, cardamom, cinnamon, cherries, figs, almonds, walnuts, and raspberries are ideal foods for people with life path number 6. Because these people have mixed personalities, their diet consists of all the foods mentioned previously. To support their health and well-being, they should drink a fusion of sweet violet flowers or rose petals.

Number seven

Seafood is frequently recommended for people ruled by the planet Neptune to improve their overall health. Fish, shrimp, sushi, seaweed, squid, oysters, and mussels are all included. The food must be lightly cooked and topped with vinegar or lemon dressing. If they don’t like seafood, they can eat fruit juices, broths, soups, and green vegetables instead.

Number eight

If Saturn rules you, you should eat dark-colored foods such as black beans, black sesame seeds, black rice, dark mushrooms, dark leafy vegetables, and black olives. You can also eat calcium-rich foods like nuts, canned fish, and molasses. You can drink black tea, black coffee, green tea, and acidic juices.

Despite what world numerology suggests, people should listen to their bodies and eat everything in moderation.

Number nine

Because Mars is red, people who live on it must eat red foods such as tomatoes, apples, strawberries, cranberries, and red peppers. Now that we’re talking about the color red, how can we ignore solid foods?

If your path number is 9, you can improve your overall health by eating garlic, onions, mustard seeds, red chili, sage, cumin, curries, dahl, red lentils, peppers, and horseradish.

Because numerology indicates your overall personality, weaknesses, traits, strengths, and health problems, it also shows which foods you should eat to eliminate or minimize them. It’s incredible to see how specific numbers can have such a significant impact on your overall health. So, if you believe in numerology, we recommend you try the foods listed above based on your path number to see if the numerologists were correct.

Because all the foods mentioned above are healthy and natural, eating them for a short period will not harm you. You can continue the diet if you see any results. If you don’t see any results, you can return to your old diet. But avoid doing anything excessively and always listen to your body. Stop using it immediately if it does not support certain foods and combinations!