5 Coffee-Infused Recipes You Can Cook

Coffee beans in a cup


Cooking with coffee? Yes! Discover how to use the black gold in the kitchen. And we don’t mean to put a cup of coffee with it. Like smelling the aroma of a cup from a Gaggia coffee machine for the first time, discover the five tastiest recipes with coffee!

Cooking with coffee

More and more people are discovering that coffee is not just for drinking. You make surprising recipes with it. Think, for example, of a delicious mayonnaise with coffee, or a rub for a good piece of meat. In these dishes, coffee is a real seasoning. We collected the tastiest recipes with coffee. Are you going to cook coffee?

1. Sirloin steak with coffee and fennel seeds

In this recipe, you use the coffee to make a marinade. Choose a ground coffee that you like, it can be quite strong. Mix the coffee with some olive oil, fennel seeds, and chili flakes for a powerful and flavorful marinade.

2. Coffee panna-cotta with speculaa crumbs

We love sweets! Panna cotta is pre-eminently the dessert to serve at a dinner party. You make it well in advance. This way you have time to chat with your guests. For this recipe, use instant coffee. You bring this to a boil with whipped cream and sugar and it is then the basis of your panna cotta.


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3. Coffee cake with cappuccino buttercream

Cookie with it? No, just give me a coffee cake with cappuccino buttercream! Garnish the cake with some chocolate coffee beans for an extra festive effect. Cooking with coffee has never been so good!

4. Cowboy ribeye with coffee rub and coleslaw

Is the sun shining? Light the barbecue! Get started with this beautiful ribeye. And with coffee of course. Go to the butcher on Saturday morning and ask for a nice ribeye. It won’t disappoint, especially if you prepare it with the coffee rub from this recipe!

5. Espresso martini

Okay, okay, the latter is not a recipe for a dish. Nevertheless, this cocktail should not be missed. You can make it with ease, for example for cooking. Preferably use freshly ground beans of good quality. The coffee is the main seasoning, but don’t forget the alcohol. Shake it, baby!