Practices for Foodservice Plumbing

What owners often overlook is the role that piping plays in each of the critical areas of a restaurant and foodservice operation. The plumbing system plays a major role not only in the kitchen but in all areas of the restaurant or food service store.


Plumbing issues a restaurant operator should pay attention to

Drain stoppages are vital to look out for and avoid. Usually, crews who quickly move through different tasks cause this problem. Food and fragments are accumulated in the drain which causes stoppages. The best way to avoid a major problem is to install a drain lock or a strainer. Install this along with getting your drains frequently jetted paired with ecologically safe microbial treatment. This ensures that you dissolve properly all debris in the sewer. These steps will keep your drains clog-free. In addition, it will prevent any nasty odours.

What are some plumbing issues in restaurants?

Common issues you see can be from the cleaning staff. Frequently, the staff mops any debris and water on the floor straight to the drain. This can cause a clog. The over-spilling of water mixed with straws, gloves, spoons, and others can result in major issues within the drain, particularly if you leave this for an extended period of time. As a foodservice operator, you must install a drain lock so the staff must pick up rubbishes and toss them in proper places.

Some of the drain issues in the kitchen

A serious problem you see in the kitchen is the bugs that breed in the sewer. Exterminators always make an effort to kill the flies but you have to make sure these will not go into the sinks as much as possible. You can use a microbial solution in order to stop clogs and grease buildup that makes a way for insects to breed larvae.

You see numerous plumbing clogs in the food service kitchen because of the garbage that you sweep into the drains. In addition, there are many problems near the bar areas where you find various straws or other drink accessories. They can create backups by tossing whatever debris in the glass down the sink with the ice.

How to handle drain clogging

Most plumbing companies can do this job for you.  A certified plumber with suitable equipment can clear effectively the pipes to eliminate debris, food, and any larvae.