Coffee: A Drink and A Dish

Coffee for some is quite a necessity. Those people who works at night believe that drinking two to three cups of coffee will help them get through their shift. Even those who have a normal schedule at work drink coffee for them to get through the day. Caffeinated drinks are  proven healthy as long as you know your limits when it comes to the number of intake. 

We have what they call coffee addicts to the point that they read reviews like  to purchase the best coffee maker or nespresso machine. In order for them to start and end the day right and nice, they should drink coffee.  So why not think of some other ways to enjoy this drink.

Let us start with the first meal of the day, breakfast. Since people are used to drinking coffee in the morning, why not eat it too. Try creating a sauce with a twist, pour some coffee in a rich sauce for your fried egg or omelette and enjoy a unique taste with your “must” drink in the morning.

Coffee can also be used to marinade meats. Studies proved that coffee also helps to tenderize the meat. If you do not want to use the coffee for marinade, you may also try mixing it for braising liquid for your ribs then simply put it in the oven for a few minutes so the coffee will caramelize and it will surely give you the bittersweet taste you will definitely enjoy.

And of course, your meal is not complete without dessert. Try infusing coffee on your dessert like brownies. Brownies are the perfect example because it is a baked good and most of the coffee-infused desserts came from the oven.  You may also try researching how to make coffee jelly to have a lighter dessert. Coffee-infused desserts taste like mocha most of the time.