Cooking with Electric Guitar Music

Parents often groan when children are overly picky about food. Boys and girls are more open with dishes that they have prepared themselves with their parents. Those who nibble also want to try and nibble be it dough or freshly cleaned carrots. Cooking together with electric guitars music background is an experience for the whole family.

Cooking with children and electric guitars: this is how cooking becomes a family experience

Children are more open-minded when they are allowed to participate in the preparation of food. Because cooking together and taking responsibility for a meal together is fun. Children who help out with the cooking complain less. In addition, they learn at an early age how to use food sensibly. It’s great when the teenager later has a few dishes up his sleeve that he can easily prepare on his own.

Cooking as a family event with electric guitars music background

The little one is chopping the carrots and are the pieces getting a bit big? Never mind. Everyone pulls together when cooking. It’s good to talk, listen to music and laugh. Children love to be active with their parents.

At the same time, cooking together encourages different skills. The cooking experience is a very communicative activity and the child is very curious. A child asks, answers, tells, explains and thereby acquires words and language rules. Cooking can also train motor skills.

Cook well prepared with children and electric guitars music background

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How often should you cook together during the week? On which day? Cooking with a child too often takes away the special experience value of the event. Instead, let sizzling and baking together be something special. It is important to ensure that there is enough time for the joint action. With children, some work steps take longer and there is certainly more tidying up in the kitchen later than if you had prepared the food by yourself.

It makes sense to make a pre-selection of two to four easy recipes that everyone likes. Together you decide which dish you will cook first. So that no one is disappointed, the second-placed cooking request will be given a chance next time. Does your child want to cook the same thing over and over again? It doesn’t matter. The main thing is that cooking is fun.