Translate Non-English YouTube Cooking Channels!

Preparing food is one of the most important human skills. But technology also gives this topic new momentum.

Cooking today is much more than just turning any ingredients into an edible form. For many years the cooking shows have been multiplying like rabbits. The kitchens are getting bigger and bigger, the appliances are becoming more and more sophisticated and nothing works without a touch of extravagance. What has changed a lot in recent years, however, is how information is obtained. In the past, our household spent a small fortune on cookbooks, which were then read with great enthusiasm, but rarely implemented. Today we have disposed of the printed works because the space can be used better. Instead, the recipe collection – of course – relocated to the Internet.

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Translate your Recipe!

The internet offers millions of recipes from all over the world. And there shouldn’t be any problem if it’s written in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. The internet also has a solution for that. Translation apps like Google Translate can easily translate these recipes to English or to French for better understanding. While the majority today use translation tools for convenience, others prefer using Professional Translation services like RedLine|s, RedLine is a company that offers services in translation, editing, design, and so much more. Their website offers their readers fun content like their latest post, countrys that start with the letter d. Working with RedLine’s translation service ensures quality and timely orders.

In this post, let’s take a look at YouTube channels that offers cooking channels for those who love to cook and for those who want to learn how to cook various meals from all over the world.

Cooking channels for beginners

Here are a few cooking channels to get you started. If you later explore the culinary world on your own, don’t be afraid of English channels; in most cases, it is sufficient if you know about the 20 most important ingredients. Parsley, Garlic, Lime … the usual suspects.

Yamyam foods. The hostess Xian Heinrich would like to be located in the make-up and fashion scene at first glance. But with her calm, personable manner she conveys the most popular recipes from Asia, which one also likes to order from trusted Chinese.

Head chef. The channel to the popular website of the same name. Different chefs show dishes from all over the world. Compared to a fried egg, the recipes are sometimes a little more complex, but quite feasible. Completely in German.

Taste show. Chef John Zhang cooks Asian dishes: refined and with stoic calm. Even if you don’t cook the dishes, you will enjoy the calm music, the relaxed professionalism, and the beautiful pictures. Ingredients are displayed in English. By the way: In English, “chef” does not stand for a superior, but simply for the cook or the head chef.

Cooking Haru. The channel conveys the simple but delicious Korean cuisine – seasoned with slapstick, which sometimes has the epic fight between eggs and the “Spatula Monster” as its theme. (Please don’t ask.) Ingredients are shown in Korean and English, with no speakers.

No stress cooking. We only know of the faceless Austrian host that he grew up in a Graz ghetto and is between 25 and 35 years old. What remains are down-to-earth recipes and a sense of humor that elicits more than just a grin on our cane teeth. In many homes, the channel has become among the best list of cooking channels simply because of its kebab recipe.

Cowboy Kent Rollins. A retired cowboy cooks American food the way we love it, whatever the weather. The channel is in English. But again, you can always use that magic translate button.

These cooking channels are just among the many cooking channels you can find on YouTube. Plus there are more cooking sites that offer various recipes and cooking tips. So you will never run out of recipes to cook a good meal for the day.