Crookie – The Latest Addition to the Croissant Hybrid Craze

chico chip filled croissantCrookie, is the latest croissant hybrid craze to go viral in the pastry scene, from cruffins (muffin-shaped croissants), to cronuts ( croissant doughnut), to croons (circular croissant discs). It’s the latest addition to the croissant fusion, this time with chocolate chip cookies.

What Exactly is a Crookie and How Is It Baked?

A crookie is basically a classic croissant pastry made from yeasty dough, folded into layers of dough sheets coated with butter. The folding and layering is the process that creates layers of light and airy pastry trapped inside a flaky golden pastry exterior.

layers of light airy pastryThe freshly baked croissant is then cut in half to fill with a heap of raw chocolate chip cookie dough before sending it to the oven for final baking to become a Crookie.

Not as fast though because the soon to be Crookie pastry will be taken out of the oven briefly, to receive more cookie dough but this time as topping. The hybrid croissant cookie will then be sent back to the oven until the cookie-dough topping glows up the Crookie pastry.

Origin of the Crookie, the Hybrid Croissant Cookie Pastry

Ever since the Crookie has been appearing virally in TikTok, it has now garnered attention as the latest trend in hybrid croissant treats.

Following the trend set by a series of croissant fusion with other baked treats, a small but award-winning Parisian bakery owned by Parisian pastry chef Stephane Louvard came up with the idea of fusing together two of the bakery’s flagship products: croissants and chocolate chip cookies.

Subsequently in 2023, a TikTok influencer named Johan Papz posted videos of himself happily biting into one of Louvard’s crookies. The video instantly became viral, it sent hundreds of young people to the Boulangerie. Young women armed with smartphones arrived at the Parisian bakery to take selfies while savoring Crookies.

Since then and in the following weeks, the queue of customers in front of Louvard’s bakery became constant. Not long after, Louvard found it necessary to add two more workers so they could step up daily production to produce 1,000 up to 1,600 Crookies.