Resting the Cookie Dough – Why Bakers Always Do So

Commercial and home bakers agree that the concept of cooking the perfect chocolate chip cookies is subjective, as it all boils down to individual preferences. While some like their chocolate chip cookies thin and crispy, many others prefer the soft-baked mounds filled with either pre-formed chocolate discs. or chips that were hand-chopped from slabs of dark chocolate. Others discriminate by checking out the ingredients used, whether all-purpose or cake flour, or butter and not shortening was used in making the dough. Yet one thing is for sure, commercial and home bakers alike always make it a point to rest their dough regardless of what ingredients were combined as dough mixture.

What Exactly is the Science Behind Resting a Cookie Dough

Resting a cookie dough in the refrigerator makes naking cookies produce better results. The purpose of putting the dough in the refrigerator before placing them in the oven is to slow down yeast activities, because otherwise, the cookie dough will continue to rise and lose its flatter than bread appearance. The single-celled microorganisms in yeast are more active in warm conditions, which is why when chilled in the refrigerator will slow down the dough rise. Bear in mind to do it immediately because refrigeration will not cause a reversal of any dough rise that has already transpired/


Not a few professional bakers attest that refrigerating the dough before baking makes for a superior baking outcome because the butter will not melt immediately inside the oven. This will help the cookies keep their shape amd preven the dough from spreading too thin. Also, it will release gas that will help the cookies go through a better caramelization and browning process.