Eating Situations During Cosplay Events

Saluting cosplayer during a cosplay event


Recently, new forms of cosplay play have started here and there, regardless of day or night, such as online drinking parties and tea ceremonies.

If you want to cosplay for a long time wearing your awesome Naruto Clothes, I would like to prepare costumes and makeup with the morning sun and play waiwai until night.

I would like to enjoy cosplay as much as time allows at the event.

But the longer the house cos or events, the more, problematic the meal situation

What are the problems lurking in eating in cosplay?

Problems of meal conditions at events

First of all, depending on the event from the event, there are restrictions due to the event itself because it depends on the rules and the environment of the venue, this will be the Tokoro you want to check before participating first.

General indoor restaurants

It is the safest if there are general restaurants available, especially in the city kos, many shops often cooperate, so the description “cosplay entrance is possible!”, there is a list of pamphlets or pasted paper and signs are prepared directly at the entrance of the shop.

By the way, in the event, you may wear large equipment, and if you enter as it is, it will get in the way in various ways, so you will need to respond to such as having it placed at the entrance

Take-out menu

This is recommended for layers that are hard to enter the store because it has big equipment on the back like me, and in outdoor events, some shops open stores with mobile sales cars, so it is interesting to look for variously and walk

If there is no place to purchase on site

Of course, such a case is also assumed in that case, it is safe to check the place where you can eat and drink first and prepare something like a lunch box or portable food in advance.

It might be a good way to find only a place where you can eat and bring your lunch.

When you look at it this way, there are many places where checking and preparing even casual parts of everyday life are necessary.

Online home cos drinking & tea ceremony meal problem

Since the event is outdoors, I found that it depends on some local dining environment.

So, without worrying about lost items, what kind of problems can you think of when eating at online home cos that seems to be easy to take away at home?

Problems such as cooking

Cooking as cosplay! You can take a very interesting picture, but the appearance different from usual may be dangerous, but armor for the original purpose of use such as an apron and kappo clothes different from the costume will be required to finish with simple cooking or prepare in advance might be the best.

Be careful when eating after all

At home, the risk of getting loose and polluting the costume may be more likely to occur than the event, so if you are worried, you may be able to arrange and put an apron or a handkerchief at the knee (although it may be an ant that it is only a costume on the trend recently).

Restrictions on shopping

“I don’t have enough sweets!” and “I’m out of alcohol!” Even if there are no left-out items of cosplay, there is a possible emergency that requires shopping.

As expected, I can not go out here and there with cosplay, so let’s prepare in advance perfectly.

Eating problems with cosplay

Up to this point, it is easy to imagine from general events or even ordinary online play, so it is easy to think about, but the main subject is here.

Cosplay is often different from everyday clothes, so I think this part is probably the only time you go.


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Biggest enemy: the wig

This is the biggest problem.

Wig hair is mostly made of very light artificial hair unlike human hair, so outdoors it is often greatly affected by the wind, and depending on the place and climate, you will always experience the “hair buwa!”

In addition, this artificial hair is very charged and even in a windless room, this hair may dance in the air with static electricity due to friction with costumes and bodies.

In short, because of these phenomena, the problem of being easy to eat “hair” comes out.

How much it is outdoors, even if you do not eat in both wind and static electricity, it sticks to your lips (long wigs, etc. Are very intense interference, especially when eating):

  • Take measures against wigs, but of course, there are some countermeasure laws that are okay.
  • Depending on the manufacturer you choose at the time of wig purchase, there are places where it is difficult to generate static electricity, so choose this, but do not be conceited because it will deteriorate every time you use it by all means!
  • When using a compatible wig with spray, we will use a spray that removes static electricity to take measures against charging at events it will be luggage, but it is safe if you have it at hand at home.
  • It is effective in order not to break the wig by transporting it to the venue, even at the most certain event that it will be hardened at the time of wig processing in advance at the time of wig makeup.
  • This is my example of hair fastening for meals, but I always brought a hair fastening at the time of the event because it is on the way to the costume, it is necessary to bag separately, but it is convenient with something if you have it.

There were other layers I met who always trained a spare hairpin between the hair and the wig so that it would not be luggage.

A fun cosplay dinner party if you get used to it

When I used a long wig for the first time, some countermeasure laws I was in a situation where I could only eat crepe katakoyaki, and at the first event I gave up rice until the evening.

However, when you clear these problems, waiting is a fascinating dinner party to enjoy in cosplay.

Let’s enjoy cosplay life while gathering gourmet information and wrestling with wigs.