Snickerdoodle – A Cookie Treat Loved by Generations of Cookie Lovers

Snickerdoodles are cookies with soft and buttery consistency that are chewy on the inside, crisp and crinkly on the outside and with some tang to its taste The ingredient that gives snickerdoodle cookies a unique and different taste is Cream of Tartar, making it one of the most loved cookie treats by generations of cookie lovers.

Cream of Tartar, also known as potassium bitartrate is a popular baking ingredient for various reasons, such as for stabilizing egg whites used in making meringues. Its acids aid in reinforcing the proteins found in egg whites, allowing them to trap more air while the whites are being whisked.

In a basic Snickerdoodle recipe, Cream of Tartar is mixed ith baking soda, to help in leavening, which at the same time, gives the cookies their tangy taste.

Origins of Snickerdoodle Cookies

The cookie has been in existence for quite a long time and remains a popular holiday treat. Yet up to this date, its origin is still unclear. Related literatures about this cookie have different claims, as some say it originated in Germany, others say its a Dutch baked goody, while some others say the recipe is a New England original,

According to The Joy of Cooking, it’s likely of German origin because Snickerdoodle sounds similar to the German word for small dumpling: “Schneckennudeln.” However, another source claimed that it’s of Dutch origin since snicker is a Dutch word used to describe a cookie that is shaped like a snail.

The claim that its of New England origin is simply based on the English tradition of calling cookies by whimsical names. Another theory is that the buttery cookie was named after a 1900s folk hero named ‘Snickerdoodle.

Still regardless of origin, a basic Snickerdoodle recipe can easily create a delicious snickerdoodle. Through the years, avid bakers have made some variations but still using the basic ingredients to make sure it has that distinct snickerdoodle taste. :

Basic Snickerdoodle Recipe :

Half a cup of butter, softened
Half a cup of shortening
One and a half cups sugar
Two large eggs (Do not use extra-large eggs.)
Two teaspoons of vanilla
Two and three fourths cups flour
Two teaspoons Cream of Tartar
One teaspoon baking soda
A quarter teaspoon salt
Two tablespoons sugar
Two teaspoons cinnamon

In addition to following basic cookie baking methods, take note of some tips to make sure the snickerdoodles will come out perfectly. .

  • Instead of using a mixer, hand mix your dough to improve the texture of your cookies.
  • Use butter that is already softened to properly cream butter and sugar properly. The creaming method gives baked goods a soft interior as it integrates air bubbles to the mixture.
  • Make sure to use fresh ingredients, particularly the cream or tartar or baking soda as it will affect the final product.
  • Chill the cookie dough for at least 60 minutes before baking. The reason for this is that a chilled cookie dough is easier to handle, to make sure your Snickerdoodles will not thin out and become too crispy.