The Amazing Cafe at Microsoft

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We all dream of working at a prestigious company. Almost every day we imagine how our working life will be if we are inside one of the largest buildings in the world. I, for example, have been dreaming of becoming a web designer of software engineer ever since I was a child because both of my parents work at the IT industry and my mom works at Google. Hence, I have seen how wonderful it is work there. One time, my mom took me to her company and I was really in awe the whole time I was there. The building is tall and huge, the people look very professional and the equipment are high end. Since that day, I always say to my self that someday I will be able to work there.

One of the most talked companies is the Microsoft Company where our favorite operating system is made, the Windows 8 and 10 of Meltcomics . Did you know that Microsoft’s corporate campus located in Redmond, Washington has one of the best cafeterias you can ever think of. The cafe is known as the Cafe 16.

However, the food in Cafe 16 is not free just like in Google. But the prices are affordable and great for the quality of food. For example, a steak with asparagus and quinoa was just $6.50. A hand made personal pizza was only $5.50. The best thing is that both of those meals tasted as good as anything you are going to find in the best local restaurant in your neighborhood. If we worked at Microsoft we would definitely eat dinner and lunch here every day. The place is indeed seriously awesome.

The Best Things A Microsoft Employee can Get are

  1. Great Salary and Benefits
  2. Diversity in the Work
  3. Influence and Connection
  4. The considerate and inspiring CEO
  5. Being able to work with great people
  6. Being able to get discounts and benefits to Microsoft products.

Worst Things A Microsoft Employee can Experience

  1. Long hours of working
  2. Lots and lots of Jargon
  3. The opportunities are limitless and as well as the competition
  4. Huge and competitive company
  5. The unavoidable amount of politics
  6.  Pressure due to workload