The Importance of Proper Kitchen Layout


If you want to make the most of your new kitchen, considering the layout and proper tools is crucial. It will make it easier for you to keep your space tidy, it will improve productivity, it may let you add spaces for unwinding or socializing, and it will eventually affect the atmosphere of your room as a whole.

The Important Elements of Kitchen Layout Planning

The Triangle of Work

The functioning triangle’s inevitability. It is just necessary to discuss kitchen design. What is it then? Your kitchen’s operating triangle is formed by the placement of your sink, refrigerator, and stove. It’s usually believed that positioning these appliances in a triangle configuration, a few steps apart, offers the most effective and practical option.

Cooking Zones

Kitchen zoning is a terrific alternative or addition to the working triangle for improving the functionality and flow of your area. The idea eventually centers on designing spaces that are optimized for carrying out particular duties, like preparing food or doing dishes, or brewing hot beverages. Consider the tools, surfaces, and types of storage you’ll need to complete a task, then group them together.

The Kitchenette

A common design for smaller, more confined kitchens is the galley kitchen. It has a series of cabinets along two parallel walls that makes creating a working triangle simple. With an expanded kitchen island, you may design a galley-style kitchen in a bigger area. In order to prevent emphasizing its short width, try to limit the number of above cabinets.

Kitchen in an L-shape

Perhaps the most adaptable form, the L-shaped kitchen layout works well in a number of settings, including bigger open-plan kitchen diners. Compared to other designs, an L-shaped kitchen will feel more open. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to create a working triangle, and based on the size of your space, it may offer less storage and worktop space. However, you might think about making up for these drawbacks with a chic kitchen island.