Fortune Telling With Food Products

Before you have eaten everything from your plate, take a closer look at the food. It may contain the key that will show what future awaits you.

Fortune telling with coffee

This is the most popular food product through which you can see your future. All you need is strong Turkish coffee and a solid dose of imagination to see and figure out the shapes that coffee grounds form.

Divination of the future with an egg

Put a raw egg in a box or other container so that it does not break, and carry it with you throughout the day. So it will be charged with your energy and become a reflection of your future. In the evening, take a container of warm water, stir it clockwise and knock the egg inside. The formed shapes will tell you what awaits you and what the answers to your questions are. The principle is similar to that of watching coffee.

Fortune teller

Fortune telling with rice

Think of a question that you can answer with YES or NO. Take a handful of rice and put it in a glass container. Write your question on a piece of paper, fold it, and put it in the rice. Shuffle three times, repeating the question. Then take a pinch of the rice grains and throw them on the table. An even number of beads means YES, and an odd number means NO.

Fortune telling with beans

This is an ancient method of Interpretation of Dreams Ibn Sireen (تفسير الاحلام ابن سيرين) where you throw a handful of beans on the floor and guess what awaits you by the shapes that form.

Divination of the future with fruits

There are two ways to predict the future with fruits. One is similar to that of beans, you throw grapes, or olives on the floor, forming shapes by which the future is foretold. The other method is to predict the future by the shape, size, color, and freshness of the fruits that are in your home and received your energy.

Fortune telling with onions

The way the onion grows, the direction in which it grows, its shape, the saturation of its aroma, its size, and its color are taken into account.

Divining the future with cheese

This is more precisely Swiss or blue cheese. The future is divined by the shapes and sizes of the holes, their clustering in places, the presence of mold, and the forms formed from it.