Eating and Gaming in Virtual World


Eating every day is completely normal. We need to eat to survive, but we also love to eat delicious food. Food is not just a supply of nutrients that our bodies need to do their job. It’s also a joy and a true passion for some. Anyone who likes to cook or work in the kitchen knows this. Food themes are as diverse in video games and computer games as they are in physical life.


The classic usage of food in video games is different. In fact, as mentioned at the beginning, food keeps us alive. When things get tougher, you can survive for a few days without food, but then you feel sick and those who completely refrain from feeding the stomach other than water will sooner or later starve to death. Most games don’t go that far. Normally, food gives the character vital energy, but if you don’t eat anything, the screen won’t die.


Food is used as a medicine, especially in role-playing games. If you don’t have a healing potion at hand, take an apple or meat leg. In the classic mana secret, there is no alchemical liquid that regenerates your life energy. Here we prevent candies, chocolates, and jams from celebrating temporary things. The walnuts then replenish the mana needed to cast the spell.


In role-playing games, food may be more important or less important, but it’s not really a core element. In survival games, food is more than just a consumable item that affects your character.

The entire game system usually revolves around them and creates keywords. In addition to making tools, building your own shelter, and where to sell csgo skins, cooking also plays an important role. For example, a person who kills capybaras and Tapirus with green hell should not just fill his stomach with raw meat. After all, it’s not healthy. So you cook it on a campfire.


There are now even cooking games for two very different tastes: If you prefer something cute and would like to play a very classic video game, you will find it at Cooking Mama. In this series, you cook various dishes by hand. On the Wii, thanks to the motion controls, it feels relatively natural to knead dough or to turn steaks in the pan.

Food is not only found in many video games, the developers also treat this field in different ways. There are now even virtual adventures in which you slip into the role of the food yourself.