Freshly-Baked Direct-to-Consumer Cookie Brands Boosted Cookie Sales in the US

Cookie sales in the US more than doubled after online buying drew consumers’ attention to the small bake shops and their exceptionally delicious baked goodies. Operating as direct-to-consumer brands, they do not mass produce but instead, put customers on a waitlist.

As opposed to buying packaged cookies, this growing online sales channel is seeing satisfied customers who receive only freshly-baked products that are well-worth the wait.

A cookie category that trended during the pandemic are the giant cookies. Up to now, there’s a growing number of consumers placing orders for the softball-sized large cookies with classic flavors and other unexpected delights.

Top Selling Bake Shops and Their Popular Giant Cookie Variants

Below is a list of some bake shops whose giant cookies have exploded in popularity:

Levain Bakers is the front runner as this New York City cookie haven. It started baking small batches of cookies in sizes as big as a person’s head since 1995 at the Walt Disney World Resort. The classic chocolate chip and oatmeal-raisin variants remain as the best sellers.

Last Crumb – Here, customers put their name in the waitlist for the banana-pudding infused Donkey Kong, the blueberry-muffin-flavored cookie and the Macadamnia variant filled with brown-butter salted caramel.

Crumbs– A highly recommended flavor from this bake shop is the Classic Sugar. Although Crumbs rotates its selection of four to five cookie flavors on a weekly basis, its Milk Chocolate Chip variant is a regular offering.

Duchess Cookies – This brand offers classic and outlandish flavors that include unique combinations like Butterscotch Maple Bacon and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. Duchess also has the most Instagram-worthy selections, particularly the Cookie Monster, a variant with gooey chocolate chip inside a blue sugar coated extra-size cookie.

Chonky – This is the ultimate go-to brand for giant cookies with surprise fillings and the most luxurious add-ins like the Cotton Candy Circus, the S’mores and the Bada Bling. We consider the latter as the most photogenic of all, being an almond-strawberry flavored giant cookie filled with Italian rainbow cookies.

These are just examples of the fun and at the same time, extraordinarily delicious giant cookie brands that have been trending online since 2020.