Growing a Home-Based Baking Business by Marketing and Selling Beyond Social Media Sites

During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, home bakers across the US spent their time off work by using their baking skills for an entrepreneurial venture. Some did so as a way to earn income while out of job, while others took the opportunity to fulfill a long put off dream they can finally pursue. Whatever their reason, not a few of these home bakers created a significant future as they achieved success through baking expertise.

However, a lot of home bakers are still marketing and selling their freshly baked goods through their social media accounts, particularly Instagram. Yet as the demand for their products began to grow, the more ambitious ones put up a website so they can sell their cookies not only locally and regionally but also nationwide.

Yet many found out that having a website is not the only thing they need if they want to reach consumers in broader markets. Home bakers who have made it their goal to expand their business have to realize that it will take more than just Instagram posts if they want to fully establish their online presence in the digital realm.

Why SEO is Important for Home-Based Bakeries?

Social media posts alone are not sufficient to build digital presence, while digital presence alone does not guarantee business success, especially for home bakers looking to grow their business. Those planning to make their products available in all regions in the country, need to make use of digital marketing tools, technologies and SEO strategies if they want to be visible to all types of consumers in different locations.

Selling more baked products requires reaching more customers amd not just the Instagram users living in nearby neighborhoods .One of the challenges faced by home-based bakeries is that they are competing not only with the established local bakeries in their area.

There are the major brands whose website is not only their marketing arm, but also part of their vast distribution networks. Even the well-known grocery chains are now offering freshly baked products whipped up by their in-house bakers.

The primary concerns of budding bakery entrepreneurs is to make sure their bakery operates profitably and successfully. A wiser investment therefore, when planning to expand is to take on the services of a professional digital marketing company; specifically one that has a tried and proven record of their marketing and SEO skills.

What to Consider When Choosing a Digital Marketing Partner

Choose a digital marketing company that knows the what, where, who and how of the bakery industry in your region, as it’s the first important step to establishing an online presence. Let’s say your home-based bakery is located in Arizona, choose an Arizona SEO company; but be sure to checkout the methods and strategies used to make certain the company has the capability to meet your business plans.

Allow us to cite as example SEO website, which uses not only the prevalent national SEO techniques but also uses geo-location targeting tactics.

Private SEO companies also delves into pattern and color psychological mirroring to help their clients connect and build rapport with their target consumers. Moreover, this SEO expert constantly analyzes not only the trends in the marketplace but also that of competitors, whilst keeping abreast of the latest algorithms used by search engines when responding to organic searches.